Who is carrying The Orange?

Hello world, my name is Norma, I am a big food passionate, I have a degree in hospitality and culinary arts, I have been working in this field for about 10 years, but one day this idea came to my mind about doing a long therm trip after reading lots of stories in the web from people all over the world quitting their jobs and starting adventures, the first thing I thought is that they had to be all rich in order to do so, but after I started my research of low budget ways of traveling I realized is actually not that difficult, I have been traveling for almost a year now, spending less than $10.00 a day, and I want to share this experience with other potential Orange travelers to encourage them to take that step, grab the backpack and live life at its best.

This is me in Cliff of Moher, Ireland, after finding a 9 pounds flight from Liverpool

Why is The Orange traveling?

The orange goes with me all the way, my journey starts with a one way ticket, I do not explore only places, but also ideas, people, patterns. All of those things that make us human, I want to find that “”je ne sais quoi”” that helps us understand that our permission to live in this earth expires, as individuals is a fact, as species is a risk that we are currently taking as long as we don’t develop global consciousness of respect for all the living… our equals, and our distinct as well, for the neighbor, for the squirrels, for the strawberries and THE ORANGES, for the worm in the soil, and the soil itself, only then we should be able to sit down and rest.


How can The Orange help you?

Along the way, I have discovered a lot of tips about making travels much more fruitful, The Orange Way of travel is for those who aim to get to know the places, the people, the cultures, those who are done with the red buses and the funny tour guides, the ones that walk the ways and stop to really see what’s in front of us and think about all the things that had to happen in order to be able to witness it. This way of traveling, although enriching, is cheaper than you may think, don’t way any longer and join!


Gent, Belgium
Gent, Belgium