The bests apps and sites to travel along Europe low cost

There are many options out there to find ways to travel low cost, as travelers start being less price conscious and more interested in traveling more, and more fruitfully, companies are offering good deals and developers are creating useful apps to find the hottest price. Here there are some good options to find buses, flights and other alternative ways of getting there with less!

s61218-1735211GO EURO

This user friendly app can help you find either flights, buses or train tickets easily and at good prices, it displays a variety of options provided by different companies all around Europe. It shows you both direct trips and connections to get to your destiny in the cheapest way.



Sky scanner, unlike Go Euro is a web site that only searches for flight options, although it finds good deals, is always good to look throw Sky Scanner and then visit the company directly to compare prices and availability. Still is a good reference to calculate the average costs of flights in given dates. It also gives you the option of generate alerts to your specific needs in case a good deal appears for that criteria. Handy, you just sit down and wait for it.


s61218-1736091CHEAP FLIGHTS

This app for searching flights also gives you the option to book hotels in your destiny, you can find good deals but it is not comparable to book a nice hostel or AirB&B room. Hotels are over rated. Who needs them anymore?



Flixbus app is quite useful when traveling relatively short distances, it usually offers really competitive prices with good service, is available in pretty much whole Europe and buses are continuously traveling from city to city making it easy to buy even shortly before departure.



Megabus offers the best prices specially if you book in advance, you can find deals from 1 euro/ 1 pound between cities. It only works in Western Europe but still is a very good option to have in mind.



As Megabus, Ouibus offers cheap prices if booking in advance, it only operates in coast West Europe and south UK, is a good alternative to trains that can be 10 times the price, it might take longer but, when traveling low budget, that becomes secondary.



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