I have left everything, my home, my family, my job from 9:00 to 5:00 for this idea. The idea of going abroad to travel and see humanity from another perspectives. My life is good, without much luxury but I had for sure everything I needed and even a bit more, in regarding to happiness, it’s been a while since I have it, but I never felt completely comfortable with the idea of spending my days behind a desk (which I am now, by the way, as you probably) while there are messages out there that have to be shared… Why? I have heard people that call this times as “the age of knowledge” and it makes sense, I think we are already realizing that we made mistakes in the past, and there are more and more people everyday that join the idea of correcting the way, passing the message is fundamental, here I go.

At first it caused me a bit of anxiety, you know, the fact of going from comfortable office person to penniless nomad, but with the time I started feeling it a bit liberating… if you have nothing to lose, you take tremendous decisions, those that you are usually afraid off, you get sensitive, you go from wanting to buy the trendy car to wanting to help the ones that really have nothing, you start acknowledging the value of things that really matter: bonding, beauty, earth, brotherhood, love, kindness, you even give more value to yourself because now, you are just what you are and not what you have, you start worrying more about the present, because your future is uncertain (well, everyone’s is). That is freedom, spiritual freedom, detach of things to go find experiences. As my aunt used to say: -“The day I die I will not take with me even a little piece of this house”… And she was right, she didn’t.


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