TRAVEL TIP: Carry only the necessary

Specially if we are use to live a sedentary lifestyle, where we have a flat, with furniture, and gadgets, and clothes and everything you need, is hard to imagine ourselves living with less than that, this sometimes makes us take poor decisions at the moment of packing for our trips. But when you are abroad you realize that probably you will not wear that sweater after all, you just carried it along the way for no reason. When I first started this trip, I made a 8 kg backpack for a year, and it has been enough to survive perfectly. Have this tips in mind when preparing for your next adventure;


  • Bring useful clothes. Instead of your favorite t-shirt, bring the most useful one. How can you discern between handy clothes and the rest? Well chose clothes that doesn’t wrinkle easily (they will be in your case for a long time and sometimes you don’t have an iron to use), if you use printed clothes make sure they are good quality printed, you will wash it constantly in different washing machines and sometimes you will find aggressive ones so weak printing will fade out the third day. Use high quality jeans, by high quality I don’t mean designer jeans, but ones that can handle heavy duty, it’s better to bring two pair of good jeans than five regular ones. Get your boots ready! In this case is also much better to spend a bit more in a good quality item that will last long, in my case, was one of the best purchases I made before this trip, a pair of lumberjack boots that are really light but still durable, waterproof and the best part, they have a special covering so they don’t get dirty.


  • Take your time to pack. The way I found the most fruitful to pack was to allocate a place to put all the things you want to take days before your departure. The reason of doing this is that you can see all your stuff and gives you a good general view of your items, you will notice which of those items you actually need because you will be constantly going to your packing area to borrow it, for example, your tooth brush, socks, scissors, etc. If there are items that you didn’t use in the process don’t bring them, you just prove yourself you can live days without them. Is a very basic but yet handy way to realize what you really need.


  • Forget about all the personal care products, bring coconut oil. Traveling low budget doesn’t mean that we are becoming all hippies and will stop taking care of ourselves, but yet carrying all the cosmetic products maybe be quite unpractical. Coconut oil is a magnificent space saver, is good for your health, good for your skin and good for the environment. Coconut oil can substitute many products we use in a regular basis, so instead of bringing a bag full of tiny bottles, a nice, pure and ecologic pure coconut oil jar will do. This are some of the uses you can give to coconut oil:

-Body lotion

-Face cream


-Make up remover


-Lip balm

-Body scrub (mixed with sugar)

-Tanning oil

-Anti-frizz hair wax

-Cooking oil (just make sure it is 100% pure coconut oil)


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