Travel Tips

What should you have in mind before and while you travel?

Is important to have some considerations in regarding to your trip, even before you depart. This tips will help you making things easier and more enjoyable. I have gathered all this information in my own traveling experience, so you can be sure this is all handy stuff that you will use along your trip.


TRAVEL TIP: Learn the language

It doesn't mean you have to become an expert in all the languages of the places you are going, is impossible, but knowing the magical words: thank you, please, excuse me... READ MORE

img_20160614_211511TRAVEL TIP: Make local friends

There is absolutely no better way to explore a place that in company of a person that actually lives there. You will be able to walk around the "unknown" ... READ MORE


 TIP 3 Carry only the necessary

Specially if we are use to live a sedentary lifestyle, where we have a flat, with furniture, and gadgets, and clothes and everything you need, is hard to imagine ourselves living with less than that... READ MORE

The best to know during your trip

Once you took the leap, there are some hacks that you can use while traveling, given my experience I have some tips to save money during your adventure, to make it as fruitful as it gets.


The best apps and sites to travel along Europe low cost

There are many options out there to find ways to travel low cost, as travelers start being less price conscious and more interested in traveling more, and more fruitfully, companies are offering good deals... READ MORE